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Available in Google Play and Apple stores.

Enjoy all benefits:

  • Log in by facial recognition (only for iOS) or with your fingerprint.
  • Save your data and that of your family members with total security
  • Estimate your fee
  • Find your nearest location
  • Track your transfers
  • Check the history of your last transactions
  • Save your usual transfers to streamline your next sends
  • Register your email and phone number to receive promotions and discounts

How to send money with the MoneyGram app?

1) Download the App

Use the following links to download the application for your mobile device:

2) Sign up or log in with your MoneyGram account

Enter your personal information so we can verify your identity or log in with your MoneyGram account.

3) Select the destination´s country

Include receiver info and the send amount

4) Use a promotional code

If you have a promo code, enter it in the indicated field. The App will automatically estimate your discount. Otherwise, leave the field blank.

5) Select your preferred location

Select your preferred or nearest location where you will pay your transaction.

6) Complete your transaction

Go to pay at the location you have chosen, indicating to the teller that you initiated a transaction in the App and presenting your ID (RUT or Passport).

Frequently Asked Question:

1.  How much money can I send through the app?
The limit to send through the MoneyGram app is CLP 663.500 Chilean pesos (referential amount).
2.  How do I pay the money I want to send?
Go to the chosen MoneyGram location in the app with your ID. 
3.  Can I pay the transaction created in the MoneyGram app at any MoneyGram location?
No. When generating a send transaction, you must select a specific location to pay your transaction.  Currently all CORREOSCHILE  locations are enabled for completing your transactions generated through MoneyGram app.
4.  What if I want to pay the transaction at a different MoneyGram location, what should I do?
A new transaction will need to be created.  
5.  Can I use the information from a previous transaction for a new one?
Yes. You can use the information any previous transaction to make new one and modify it if were necessary.  
6.  Can I modify a send transaction already created at the MoneyGram app?
No. Transactions generated at the MoneyGram app do not allow modification of data once created. The solution is simply to generate a new transaction.  
7.  How many send transactions can I create simultaneously?
You can create all you need. Transactions that are not completed will automatically expire after 48 hours. It is not necessary to wait until they expire to create a new one.  
8.  How long do I have to pay for my send transaction?
Transactions created in the MoneyGram app have to be paid at the chosen location within next 48 hours. After this period, the transaction is automatically deleted.  
9.  When my receiver can collect the money?
Usually the money is ready to be collected in minutes after the send transaction has been paid and completed successfully.  
10.  I have entered the promotion code but the discount does not apply
It is possible that the promotional code is not valid, you have entered it incorrectly or it is no longer valid. More info at  
11.  Where do I call if I have a problem?
You can call us in Chile at: 800-914-729
12.  I can't find the app in the Google Play store / Apple Store
Make sure of the following:
  • Have internet connection or mobile data on your cell phone
  • Have your operating system (Android / iOS) updated with the latest version
  • Remember that the MoneyGram App is available only in Chile. If you can´t find the app on the store, it´s possible that your Google account or Apple ID is associated with another country. If this were the case, change the country of your current account through the setup options. On your phone, open Google Play Store. Then press MENU / Account / Country and profiles.

*Subject to hours of agent services, availability, local laws and  regulations. In addition to money transfer fees, a currency exchange rate may apply. Local taxes may apply. Limited to certain amounts and countries. Fee rates may change. MoneyGram, the Globe and bringing you closer are marks of MoneyGram. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

If the customer has a promo code, they must enter it in the CODIGO PROMOCIONAL field during their transaction through the MoneyGram app. The discount will be automatically displayed in the app when you estimate your amount to pay. Please note: The app will display available services based on your location. Not all services will be available in all countries. The app supports the same send and receive countries shown on our website, Fees vary based on transaction details such as transfer amount, payment type, destination county, delivery method and pick-up location.