Send money in person

How to send money in person from a MoneyGram agent location?

With thousands of agent locations worldwide, it's easy to send and receive money from a location near you.

Find a Location

1. Find an agent location

Find a MoneyGram agent location near you

Prepare Agent Visit

2. Prepare for your agent visit

Bring the following information:

  • For all sends:
    • Your I.D. where applicable
    • Your recipient's full name matching their I.D. and their location
    • The amount you wish to send, plus fees
Complete Your Transaction icon

3. Complete your transaction

Where applicable, complete a send form. Give the agent the completed form with applicable funds (including transaction fees).

Notify your recipient icon

4. Notify your recipient

Save your receipt and share the 8-digit reference number with your recipient for pick-up.  Funds transferred to a bank account will be sent directly into the account. 


How to send money from the MoneyGram App?

Start your transaction in the App, pay at your preferred MoneyGram location. More info here

1 Download the free MoneyGram app

Use the links below to download the app for your specific mobile device:

2 Sign up or log in with your MoneyGram account

Enter a little information about yourself so that we can verify your identity or log in with your MoneyGram account.

3 Select the receiver's country

Tell us who you are sending money to and how much you wish to send.

4 Select your preferred location

Select your preferred or nearest location where you will pay your transaction.

5 Complete your transaction

Go to pay at the location you have chosen, indicating to the teller that you initiated a transaction in the App and presenting your ID (RUT or Passport).